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A/R : Tricycle operators arrested for disobeying KMA directives

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) have arrested at least 10 tricycle operators after they clashed with city guards as the KMA begins the implementation of a ban on the movement of tricycles in the Central Business District (CBD).

To implement the restriction, there is a significant police and military presence in the designated locations.

Last Monday, the KMA declared that the order restricting tricycle use in Kumasi’s central business centre will go into effect.

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Tricycle riders have been vocal in their objection to the decision, but KMA’s chief of transportation, Randy Wilson, has emphasised that the assembly will be steadfast in carrying it through in order to reduce traffic in the city.

Wilson stated, “KMA is supposed to plan and regulate public transport within its area of jurisdiction,” and continued, “On April 29, 2023, at a general assembly meeting, it was resolved that the transport reorganisation that has been planned should ensure that we have the unstrung stations, the normal union stations that are operating from terminals, the cargo vehicles, and then we also added the tricycles as providers of public transport services.”

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