Breaking News: George Afriyie disqualified from GFA presidential race

The Ghana Football Association’s Elections committee put together by the Executive Council has disqualified George Afriyie from contesting the presidential race.

The decision which was communicated on Thursday, September 6, addressed reasons for the disqualification of the former Ghana Football Association Vice President and awarded three days to appeal the decision.

If George Afriyie fails to act in a manner to revert the decision then it means Kurt Okraku will be heading into the elections unopposed.

The various points were raised by the elections committee;

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The Statutory Declaration must be from the proposing member and the five supporting members. The Committee is therefore not in a position to consider Nana Ameyaw Manu’s statutory declaration as he was not one of the five persons who supported your application. Further, the said GFA Statute does not give the Committee the discretion to consider a statutory declaration from any person who has not been listed on the nomination form.

v) Petitions were received by the Committee regarding your Candidature which you were informed of at the Vetting and questions were asked about them.

vi) On your nomination form, you indicated that the fifth GFA Member supporting you was Victory Club Warriors FC and the name and designation of the authorised officer of the supporting GFA member was stated as Jeffrey Asare, Director of Victory Club Warriors FC.

vii) However, the records of Victory Club Warriors FC from the Office of the Registrar of Companies revealed that the only directors of Victory Club Warriors Ltd are Leslie Kuku Bartels and Angela Effah with Angela Effah as Secretary.

viii) The Committee has also confirmed from the records submitted to the GFA by Victory Club Warriors FC that Jeffrey Asare was neither listed as an authorised signatory for the Club nor was he registered on the FIFA Connect System as a Club official at the time of the signing of the Nomination Form, the vetting and decision making by the Election Committee.

ix) Subsequently, the Committee enquired via a recorded WhatsApp video call from the owner of Victory Club Warriors FC (the sole shareholder and Director of the Victory Club Warriors Ltd.), Leslie Kuku Bartels, whether Jeffrey Asare was an authorised signatory for the Club or a Director of the Company. Leslie Kuku Bartels confirmed that Jeffrey Asare was neither an authorised signatory for the Club nor a director of the Company.

x) Furthermore, Jeffrey Asare confirmed through a recorded WhatsApp video call that he was not a Director of Victory Club Warriors Ltd, as stated on your nomination form and stated in a statutory declaration sworn on 8th August 2023. Per his admission, he peddled falsehood by his statutory declaration.
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xi) Jeffrey Asare added that he was not an authorised signatory. He therefore did not have the capacity and authority of Victory Club Warriors FC to support your nomination at the time same was signed.

xii) Consequently, the Committee therefore came to the conclusion that Jeffrey Asare who was listed as the authorised signatory of your fifth supporting GFA Member and as a Director of Victory Club Warriors Ltd, was not a director nor an authorised signatory of the supporting GFA Member in accordance with Article 13(2)(j) of the GFA Statutes, 2019.
3. ForthepositionofGFAPresident,youwererequiredtostateoneGFAMember proposing your Candidature and five (5) GFA Members supporting it per the GFA Statutes 2019. We therefore conclude that your endorsement by Jeffrey Asare is invalid. Due to the above invalidity, your nomination form currently has four (4) GFA Members supporting you.
4. Inlightofthis,youdonotmeettherequirementstocontesttheelectionforthe position of President of the GFA.

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