David’s leads 3 to sponsor Mr. Ibu’s medical bills

Nigerian artists Davido and P-Square, as well as Tunde Ednut, have reportedly agreed to pay Mr. Ibu’s medical bills.

The help from the above-mentioned artists popped up after a video of the legendary actor emerged online yesterday in critical condition at the hospital.

According to him, he is facing an illness that could cause him to lose a limb. He asked the public to pray for him and contribute financially to his treatment.

According to new updates, singers Davido and P-Square along with Tunde Ednut have offered to sponsor Mr. Ibu’s medical expenses.

Kelly Hassino, a blogger on Facebook, announced the good news about the new development. In his post, he said: “Good news, Tunde Ednut, P Square, and Davido have asked Mr. Ibu to withdraw his public appeal because they will sponsor him to the best hospital in the world!

I hope he recovers soon and they don’t have to amputate his legs. Just like he said “If they cut off my legs where will I go, walker, go” Where will he go walker, go! I hope our male actors learn to live healthier and understand that a big belly is not a bend and doesn’t make you funny but in fact, it makes you funny.

Last time I was talking to an MC I talked to him about the need to exercise to lose weight, especially in the abdominal area and he gave me an example.

“He said if we both went to a big office in Abuja, with my flat belly and his big belly, I think between us who would they take care of first,” he said, his belly big is VIP status! And there’s something about Davido! Always there when it matters… good guy!

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