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DPSI holds Career Fair for Students

Tema -based DPS lnternational school have held a Career fair for Students at the school premises on Friday the 10th November 2023

The event brought together personalities from various fields of life in an attempt to motivate the students and guide them on their career choices and the various tertiary institutions (within the country and abroad) and also courses to take in order to help them make the right choices for their careers.

Some of the institutions that were present includes, University of Ghana, Central University, Wisconsin, Lancaster University, Kelee university (UK), Swiss Education Group, Academic City University college, University of Waterloo, Botho University, University of Lincoln, Nottingham Trent university, among others.

Also SIC insurance company were present to help the students take calculated risks and them importance of being ensured and how insurance policies work.

There was a panel talk session where students discussed with various personalities of diverse expertise such as a lawyer, psychologist, award winning best Ghanaian teacher and an insurance company personnel. At the end of the ceremony the students were allowed to interact with the representatives of the various schools present to get more information to help them make their preferred choices as to which university to attend when the time comes.

Remarks from the director (Mr. Mukesh Thakwani):

The idea is to give the final year students an opportunity to engage with universities both local and abroad. We’ve managed to bring some universities together to give the students a feel of what is out there.

I am responsible for the recommendation of universities to the students so I wanted to have a one on one discussion with them and know how they feel about the universities then we progress to the application stage.

These applications are for the September 2024 admissions and so this is the right time for the students to decide which schools they would like to attend and also the right time to start with the application processes. The students along with their parents and representatives from some of the universities are here to make the process an easy one for both the students and their parents.

My job is to build a career path for the students and one responsibility that comes with it is to identify the right universities that align with their career choices and to be very honest this process is a very long one. As it stands now we only have a few months to prepare the students before they enroll into the various tertiary institutions of the choice and in the right degree paths and once it’s all done both parties will be happy.

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