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I am a woman, I love my beard despite name-calling – bearded lady declares

Khosi Nkanyezi Buthelezi has been aware of his excessive body hair since he was a teenager, especially its growth on his face, chest, back, arms, and legs. So I think that’s something I inherited. ” She said she never felt the need to see a doctor about her hair because she had no physical problems. I can have children if I want and don’t need hormone treatment; everything seems to be fine.

“However, the doctor told Khosi that she may be suffering from hirsutism, a condition that causes excessive hair growth on certain parts of the body, mainly affecting women. I remember talking to family members about it. They warned me that shaving would make you gain more weight, but I thought that was just a myth. ” She tried many different hair removal techniques because the nature of her job required her to be presentable. She said, “The more I shave, the more it grows.

I tried waxing but it proved to be both expensive and painful. ” Khosi decided to try laser hair removal, and it worked for a while, but the hair quickly grew back. However, after a year off, my hair started to grow back and I had to start shaving again with a razor. ” Instead of fighting her facial hair, Khosi decided to embrace it.

She said, “People in public have reacted with shock, amusement, disgust, and disapproval of my beard, but I am actively working to not need to perceive external validation. Unfortunately, people can be judgmental and cruel toward someone who looks different in some way”, so it’s important to remember that their opinions and comments do not determine my worth. “

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