I represent the new breath Takoradi needs – Richard Addison

Richard Essuman Addison, a parliamentary aspirant of the governing New Patriotic Party for the Takoradi Constituency in the Western Region, assures of a new Takoradi where development matches and becomes a reflection of the collective contribution of its citizens and which will hinge on local needs instead of national dictates.

He argues the unique economic characteristics of Takoradi need to be answered by an equally unique approach crafted by the people of Takoradi, at their own pace, against adhering to a national timeline and design.

“You will be mistaken should you approach the challenges confronting Takoradi in the context of a national challenge. And for many residents, it has become clear that there is a missing link.”

Sharing his vision with the media in Takoradi, Richard Essuman Addison insisted, “I will be the one to find and join that developmental missing link needed to restore Takoradi to its glory days.”

His vision aligns with the shared sentiments of Takoradi citizens who yearn for a constituency that is prosperous, inclusive, forward-thinking and, above all, innovative.

Richard Essuman Addison has already had an extensive consultation and engagement with many Takoradi residents and there has been a clear response that education, healthcare and job creation are their biggest worries.

“In response, I’m committed to spearheading substantial improvements in school infrastructure, overseeing the whole expansion and upgrade of healthcare facilities… improved road network and exploring creative ways to provide genuine and meaningful employment for our youth.”

He is confident that the prosperity of the past and once vibrant Takoradi is within reach.

“It is on this basis that I urge you dear delegates to consider giving me your vote. A vote from you represents your commitment to see a new Takoradi where development will target specific as it will be crafted by us and for us. A vote from you is not wasted but will be in exchange for a renewed, revived and reinvigorated Takoradi. Together, we can make Takoradi great again.”

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