“I’ve been fighting off a virus”- Tiwa Savage reveals

Popular Afrobeat sensation Tiwa Savage recently shared some unfortunate news with her die-hard fans claiming she’s taking a break from performing on stage.

Tiwa Savage has announced to her eager fans that she will be taking a temporary break from performing. This hiatus was due to her being infected with a virus, which caused her to undergo a long period of rigorous vocal rest lasting several months.

Tiwa Savage’s heartfelt letter, sent through her social media platforms and dedicated to her devoted fan base, nicknamed ‘Savage Soldiers’, expressed her disappointment as she couldn’t grace the stage with his electronic performances.

It was clearly a difficult decision for the female singer because performing on stage is not only her profession but also her love.

However, she said this rest period is necessary to ensure she fully recovers and keeps her voice quality intact for future endeavors.

She wrote, “To my beloved Savage soldiers, I have been battling the virus for the past few weeks and today received firm instructions to strictly take vocal rest for the next few months.

Unfortunately, I will have to postpone all my shows, including my first show in London. I’m heartbroken and devastated but I have to do this to save what’s left of my voice.

I am really sorry. I love you all and I promise to return to the stage when I am fully recovered.

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