Manchester City, second-most supported European club in the United States

Manchester City has been ranked as the second-most supported European club among followers in the United States.

That’s according to data compiled from a survey carried out by Statista Consumer Insights and relayed by Casinos En Ligne.

The study looked at football fans Stateside and based results on a percentage.

The data shows Pep Guardiola and treble-winning Manchester City rank above European giants such as Barcelona, Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Pep Guardiola and his treble-winners are thought to be the joint second-most followed European club in the United States right now with Chelsea, with an 8 percent share.

However, their neighbors Manchester United are well out in front on 18 percent, as their fellow Premier League sides, Arsenal and Liverpool (both 7 percent), also find themselves in the top-seven in this particular league table.

Data from the same source confirms Spanish rivals Barcelona (7 percent) and Real Madrid (5 percent) are well followed across the Atlantic. The seven teams mentioned, including Manchester City, account for 60 percent of the total.

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