Mark Okraku Mantey returns Bawumia’s campaign money

Mark Okraku Mantey, a parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ayensuano constituency, has returned GH₵50,000 that he obtained from Dr. Bawumia’s campaign team before the presidential primary.

This follows heated discussions between polling place and constituency executives over allegations that Mr. Okraku withheld the funds and attributed it to the poor performance of the Vice President in Ayensuano.

According to sources, each of the 669 delegates allegedly received GH₵400 from the campaign team of Dr. Bawumia, while Kennedy Agyapong paid GH₵300 each.

Mr. Mantey, the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, decided to return the money on Monday to avoid any image tarnishing. Mr. Mantey said,

“The money was brought in by Dr. Bawumia’s campaign team for operation work. It was not to be disbursed to executives, so to put matters to rest, we decided not to touch the money.

On Monday, we called the person who brought the money and returned it to avoid a bad name. I won’t let such money tarnish my image.”

“The operation money has been given to the region. I received the operation money,, not Asare Dankwah and I instructed him not to touch it. Then later I heard rumors that we had taken the money and kept it.

Looking at the confusion being created we decided to absorb all the cost we have already incurred. Even the food that we cooked for the delegates, I financed it four days to the election. I have returned the money so anyone who feels he has a share should go to region. Let Okraku Mantey and Asare Dankwah’s name rest here,” he added.

A lot of Ghanaians voiced their displeasure about how NPP leaders were disbursing money during the presidential primary last Saturday, looking at the state of the country.

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