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OFFICIAL: New Day TV unveils new General Manager

Takoradi-based private television station, New Day TV has on Thursday August 24, 2023 unveiled its new General Manager, Ransford Nana Osei Asare in a colorful ceremony at the station’s premises at SIC Building in Takoradi.

The program was attended by the Chief Executive Officer of Anamik Group of Companies, which has it’s subsidiary as New Day TV, Anidaso TV and New Day FM, Mr Anthony Quarm, Representatives from other media houses and some selected bloggers..

Ransford Nana Osei Asare, a former Station Manager for Media General’s Subsidiary in the Western Region, Connect 97.1FM will now head all the New Day projects which comprises of New TV in Takoradi, Anidaso TV in Accra and New Day FM in Nzema..

Speaking during the ceremony,the Chief Executive Officer of Anamiq Group of Companies, Mr. Anthony Quarm said;

“I am so glad that I don’t even know what to say but I will say something.

“Early mornings when you see the sun rising with those beautiful colours it shows
there is a new day and the new day shows that our dream has definitely come through.

“What we are witnessing here today will go down as one of the important events in the anals of New Day TV, a Subsidiary of Anamiq Company Ltd.

“Three years ago, we started this journey, it has not been easy, there have been a whole lot of ups and downs for which some of you that I know at some point were even angry with New Day TV because there wasn’t any program on New Day TV”, it wasn’t a plan thing but the journey has been rough, we thank God it has brought us to this far, along the line we casted our net to get fish, most at time as the sea is already polluted, we catch rubbers, plastics, this year the Lord has been with us and am proud to say that we got a big fish”

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is worth mentioning that for any business to succeed , leadership plays a critical role and that’s is why at any point in time we as a company has sought to have skilled and experience individuals who can lead the team, we have tried several times, any way let me extend my courtesy to all those who came to help along the line I wouldn’t say they didn’t do anything, they did their best but situations couldn’t also help us,”

“We are in here to introduce to you , Mr. Ransford Nana Osei Asare, who is our new General Manager, and am praying that Mr Ransford Asare will take us to the promise land”

“I employ all the staff to give him all the needed support so that our dream comes through, I want to tell all our viewers out there that we need your support by watching our shows because New Day TV is the only TV in Sekondi Takoradi and also for Western Region”

So therefore the anos is on us to make New Day TV a Success and able to compete with the other regions”

We have all along tried to at least programmed our self to support the development of Western Region but we can’t do that alone we will need your support.

“To the staff , those have been with us from day one, we say thank you and to those coming in I have seen a facelift and that is why I have gone for Mr Ransford Asare, I thank you for coming, Mr. Ransford Asare you are welcome.

Speaking after been introduce to the invited guest, Ransford Nana Osei Asare said;

” For those of you who do not know what is happening, this project started in 2017 , that was the first time I had an engagement with the CEO” upon recommendations.

The conversation became more intense this year when I decided to offer some consultancy services to the group and finally am here today,

” The original plan was not for me to come here but some how he has been able to make me come and I want to say that as difficult as it was in making this decision I want to say that am grateful to all who made it possible”

” I will also not leave out the role the Management of Media General played in all this because as you know that is where I was working before here”

” With My close to two decades experience in the media space, I have hosted political shows, Social and Entertainment shows, News Anchor and reporting I won’t say I know it all , what ever I have able to do in the past years is basically the God factor that made me distinguish”

I’m here to join the staff of New day TV in Takoradi, and also my engagement with Anidaso TV in Accra and New Day FM in Aiyanase”

“I’m grateful because the work that am going to do will include the other Subsidiary as well but my core functioning will be in Takoradi because that is where am going to be based”

“But I want to say that to our viewers and listeners you are going to experience a beautiful broadcasting from TV and Radio”

“To our business community we are not only going to give you value for money but we are going to give you double value for money for anytime you have engagement with any of our Subsidiaries”

“Alot of good things is going to come out from what we are seeing today”.

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