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SHS Student goes blind after Headmaster’s abuse

A pupil at Nkwatia Presby SHS who received a slap from the Academic Headmaster has suffered a partial blindness.

Diana, a student in SHS 2 at Nkwatia Presby, is partially blind as a result of the academic Headmaster giving her a hard slap and physically abusing her.

The student known as Diana reportedly received permission to leave the school, but when she tried to explain this to the Headmaster, he would not listen.

When she informed him that she was ill, he allegedly said he would lash her to make her feel better after forcing her to kneel for a while.

When he was going to lash her, she unintentionally grabbed his cane, which enraged him and caused him to slap her hard in the face before beating her up.

The Ghana Education Service has not yet responded to the report, which has gained widespread attention since it first surfaced.

Ghanaians are outraged by the situation, and many are calling for the headmaster in question to be detained and prosecuted while others are pleading with the GES to give him the boot.

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