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Some tips to note before, during the Oguaa Fetu Afahye Festival

The biggest traditional festival celebrated in the southern part of Ghana, FETU AFAHYE, comes off August 28th through September 3rd, 2023. It’s a weeklong occasion packed with many traditional rites to commemorate the history and heritage of Cape Coast.

This festival brings people from the diaspora, around the globe, and nationwide together to learn about and understand the origins of the festival.

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Fetu Afahye is a week filled with many activities from Monday to Sunday, such as the pouring of libations, purification, celebrations, carnivals, floats, homecoming, and many other events organized by the locals that generate ecstasy.

This year’s Fetu Afahye promises to be exciting, so mark it on your calendar to witness Fetu Afahye in a unique and amazing way. Check out the tips below:

Remember to book your hotel as soon as possible to avoid stress and hustle.

Call someone you know from the vicinity before going, in case you will pass the night if hotels and guest houses are full.

Leave your belongings with a friend from the town, your hotel, or a guest house before venturing out.

Try to make friends with the locals to help you navigate through the streets of the town.

Don’t forget to visit the historic Cape Coast Castle to learn a thing or two.

Try visiting other tourist sites like Elmina Castle, Kakum, etc.

Visit Victoria Park or the beaches around the park, e.g, Akoma kese fie, Orange beach, Oasis, etc.

Buy souvenirs in the front-line arts and crafts shops or inside the castle.

If you’re going to miss any of the days, don’t miss the grand durbar on Saturday.

Be vigilant with your wallet, purse or if you are roaming with children or a person with disabilities.

Contact this platform or +233 245210174 if you have questions or inquiries concerning the festival.

Credit: I rep Cope Coast

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