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Takoradi: School girl age 17 reportedly missing

Maame Ama, known popularly as Adepa has been reportedly missing in Takoradi since Monday, August 28, 2023 according to the her father. 

Adepa, age 17, is a student of Nsein Senior High School and is a form 2 student.

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The father revealed as reported virally in the media claim the daughter was visiting the mother in Kasoa, but sadly her phone developed a fault and therefore cannot be reached. 

Agona Nkwanta in Ahanta West Municipality is where she was heading back to his father.

Since her daughter was not using a phone, Adepa’s mother obtained a phone number from a man her daughter had boarded a vehicle with at the Kasoa station so she could contact and check on her.

So, until the man got off at Pipe-Ano, a suburb of Takoradi, the mother was speaking to the girl on the man’s phone.

Adepa was seen collecting her luggage from the car at Takoradi-Agona station, according to the driver.

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