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UG Dismiss Level 200 and 300 Students with CGPA Below 1.0

The hierarchy of the University of Ghana has revealed strict plans to dismiss all students with CGPAs below 1.0.

Management of the University made it clear  in a recent announcement that any undergraduate student who does not meet the required minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for advancement to the next level of study should be dismissed from the institution.

In a student notice from management on  October 6, 2023, the intention was made public “With reference to Section 9.26 of the University Regulations for Junior Members (2017), on receipt of grades for all registered courses for an academic year, undergraduate students who do not achieve the stipulated minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for progression to the next level of study should be withdrawn from the university.

Presently, the minimum CGPA prescribed for the above-listed Colleges is 1.00.”

All University of Ghana students are being asked to check their CGPA by visiting their students’ site. Any student with a CGPA below 1.00 should be prepared to receive a letter of dismissal from the university through email.

This is covered in Section 9.26 of the University Rules for Junior Members (2017), according to the university.

While this new measure  and reform may look unfair,the purpose is to maintain academic standards  a dire warning of possible student status loss is the huge risk for students.

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