Trey Songz sued for alleged sexual assault

According to a new lawsuit, the women accuse Trey of sexual assault for an incident that allegedly occurred in 2015 at his Los Angeles-area residence.

In the documents, the women said they first met Trey in June 2015 when they went to his concert and were invited to an afterparty he hosted. They said subsequent interactions led to them being invited to his home in August for his birthday party.

The women claimed they took an Uber to Trey’s house and were forced to provide their passwords and hand over their phones to be allowed in. Inside, they said, it was mostly women and only a few men, and the women were forced to drink alcohol from unsealed bottles.

In the lawsuit, the women say they suddenly felt extremely intoxicated, even though they had consumed what they said was a modest amount, leading them to believe they had been drugged.

They claim they were sitting on a lounger by the pool, and that’s when Trey walked in and led them upstairs to the bedroom, where they passed out fully clothed. The next morning, the women said they woke up naked, and a naked Trey pressed himself against them.

The woman claimed Trey performed non-consensual oral sex on her. She said she tried to resist, but he overpowered her. The other woman said she woke up when Trey bit her nipple and pushed his finger into her vagina.

In the lawsuit, the women say Trey asked them to take a shower with him after the alleged sexual assault, but they say they refused, and he became angry, shouting at them, “You little whores, keep going.” outside my house.

The women said they took their clothes and tried to leave, but Trey refused to hand over their phones. Finally, they say a security guard intervened, gave them the phone from the safe, and they called an Uber.

In the complaint, the women said they suffered lasting injuries as a result of the alleged incident and are suing Trey for damages.

In response, Trey’s attorney Michael Freedman said, “This is another example of nearly a decade-old allegations being repurposed to take advantage of California’s new, constitutionally questionable parsing mechanism.” .” We look forward to exonerating Trey in court.

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