Hon. Abdul Majeed Dokurgu embarks on the “Getting Close to the People Tour.”

The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for Effia Constituency, Hon. Abdul Majeed Dokurgu, embarked on a “Getting Close to the People Tour” to interact with his constituents to understand and know some of the challenges they are facing.

The Effia Constituency has been neglected for many social amenities and job opportunities for so long. Therefore, such issues and problems facing the people of Effia constituency have been a big concern and top priority for Hon. Abdul Majeed, who has vowed to curb some of the challenges faced by the people of his constituency.

His intentions and efforts to address some of the challenges facing his constituency took him to the Masjid Taqwa mosque at Komkompe and the Christ Apostolic Church International at Effia-Kuma.

He also took the opportunity to educate the people, especially those who have turned 18 and are eligible to register to vote, about the need to register for the exercise, as well as those who are over 18 who haven’t registered.

In a post shared on his Social Media page, the affable and dedicated Parliamentary candidate wrote:

Our “Getting Close to the People Tour” took us to a Masjid Taqwa at Komkompe and the Christ Apostolic Church International at Effia-Kuma on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

We had a very interactive session with the business community around us. We discussed, among other things, business ideas, challenges with social amenities, and other welfare-related issues.

We also took the opportunity to educate them on the limited registration exercise in the coming week.

This is our quest to understand the issues on the ground and how we can collectively resolve them.

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