Thousands of Bantama Constituents escort Asenso-Boakye to file nomination form

Several Thousands of people from the Bantama Constituency, most of whom are members of the New Patriotic Party, including delegates in the constituency, on Sunday, 24th December, 2023 escorted their Member of Parliament, Francis Asenso-Boakye to file his nomination forms to contest in the party’s upcoming parliamentary primaries.

Some known members of the opposition National Democratic Conngress(NDC) were seen in the crowd cheering up the the Minister of Works and Housing who has been described by several political analysts and journalists as the most outstanding Member of Parliament in the Ashanti Region since 1992.

The Bantama MP, Asenso-Boakye has within the past three years of leading his people in the house of legislation, brought a lot of development projects across sectors, to the Bantama Constituency. He is always praised for helping hundreds of the youth in the constituency to successfully gain better jobs while others supporting others to achieve their formal and informal educational pursuits.

Speaking with the press after successfully submitting his nomination form at the Ashanti Regional NPP Headquarters, Mr. Asenso-Boakye noted that he was optimistic he was going to enjoy unprecedented endorsement by the delegates of Bantama on the day of the primaries.

Asked whether he was perturbed about the announcement that someone was going to contest him, the former Deputy Chief of staff boldly responded ”I have listened to the one who says he wants to contest me but if he is really the one coming, then there is no contest. He is not a match to me. It is like a choice or option between Pragia(Tricycle) and a VIP Bus.

I know I would beat him hands down if we vote today or tomorrow.

If our General Secretary would be fair to those who were disqualified in the past, he would disqualify him(his contender), because he doesn’t qualify to contest at Bantama. He has never nurtured the party here up to the two years, not even up to three months, as required by our party’s constitution. He has never voted here. But I will not pursue that because he is no match”.

Hon. Asenso-Boakye said his contender has openly announced that he was asked by someone to come and contest him(Asenso-Boakye), and to the incumbent MP, that disclosure by his opponent is a clear indication that he has no plan to help the people of Bantama. ”It means that he is not prepared; It means that he does not have the capacity to help; it means that he doesn’t have the heart to serve the people of Bantama; and that alone means that the people would vote for me”, he added.

He explained that his performance as a Member of Parliament for Bantama for the past three years, was better than what the people had experienced since 1992.

”It is my performance that would convince the people to vote for me.

I have built four AstroTurf football pitches, built health facilities, donated vehicles to health institutions, built police stations, built schools and libraries, presented computers/desks/water tanks etc to schools, constructed roads and bridges, paid school fees of students, presented production machines for technical/vocational training and artisans, sought employment for several youth, etc.

I can’t mention all of them. And I have done all these in three years. I am much convinced my people want to witness more development, and they would vote massively for me”, Bantama MP, Hon. Francis Asenso-Boakye noted.


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