Samuel Eto’o : Cameroun FA President accused of match fixing

President of the Cameroonian Football Federation,Samuel Eto’o and a former player for Barcelona, has been charged with match-fixing in Cameroon after it was allegedly revealed that he had pledged to help influence officials and a football team in leaked recordings.

Eto’o, the President of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot), is reported to have offered to use match-fixing to advance Victoria United, a team in the second division of Cameroonian football.

The federation decided that Stade de Bertoua, the runner-up from the previous season, was ineligible, resulting in Victoria United being promoted.

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According to recordings that have surfaced, Eto’o promised Valentine Gwain, President of Victoria, that he would influence referees to advance the squad.

The conversation is said to have happened after Victoria lost 1-0 in December 2022, with Gwain interrupting the game to complain about the officiating.

Eto’o said: “There are things we can do, but you have to be very discreet, brother.”

“Stay calm, we will grant you the three points and we suspend the referee. But let me at least go back to Cameroon. He arrived on the 3rd (January) at night. So we’ll see you in the office on the 4th. Anyway, I’m going to rule out and disqualify this referee.”
He arrived on the 3rd (January) at night per reports.

“Our club, Opopo, must go up to the first division, that is our objective.” he added according to the audio.

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